Unboxing an Atari 130XE

Power without the Price


I recently picked up my very first Atari 130XE. I’ve wanted one of this since they came out in 1985, but never actually acquired one. When originally released they retailed for $149 (that’s about $400 in 2022) which actually was a great value for the time. But it does make you realize how expensive computers were back then. You can get a lot more computing value for $400 today!

I was able to snag a nice one (in the box!) from eBay recently and in the spirit of the “unboxing” videos you often see on YouTube for new gear, I thought I’d do one for this.


As you can see the box is in fair condition. Personally, I think it’s pretty great for something that is up to 37 years old, I was happy that this included the original power supply and RF connections. There was also a “bonus” Centipede cartridge, which is cool because I don’t have that one.

Looking at the 130XE in the video, you can see it is in really good shape. The coloring looks true to the original and I see only minor yellowing on the keys. The label is not quite flush, so that may need to be fixed — probably the double-stick tape has worn out.

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