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In Germany, where the Atari ST was very popular (much more than the Mac, because Macs in Germany were very expensive, with no special offers to students), there was a huge market for hardware add-ons and software for the ST. For instance, you could buy various 68020 or 68030 CPU boards to install in the ST models (http://www.wrsonline.de/pak3.html). So, no need to buy an expensive TT to get more performance. And then, of course, eventually there was MagiC!Mac, a program for Macs that came with a custom TOS-rewrite, letting you run "clean" Atari ST programs on a Mac, at much higher speeds on the ever-improving 68k and PPC Macs :)

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You've mentioned the 2600 & 7800 but what were your thoughts on the XE Game System?

Atari claimed toy stores didn't want home computers anymore so they redesigned the 65XE to be a video game console that "can" become a full fledge computer. I rememebered it only benefited existing 8-bit owners looking for new software, but as a game system it couldn't compete against the NES (or the 7800).

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