Just discovered this Substack - awesome! I was a member of the San Diego Atari Computer Enthusiasts in the '80s, wrote the BBS-reviwing "San Diego OnLine" column for Dan Gookin and Andy Rathbone in ComputorEdge magazine, and was on the advisory board of the Computer Museum of America in San Diego. We had Ti99 4/A donated that came with a fairly rare video editing module and a LaserDisc player; I think it was used for TV letter titling before the Amiga came out with the Video Toaster.

Anyway, I still have an Atari XE GS and an Atari Falcon 030 that I like to fiddle with time to time.

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Jan 6Liked by Paul Lefebvre

That would be nice to read about other computers, especially how using the Amiga is from an Atari 8-bit user perspective...anything that's better than the usual "ST sucks" comments on the forums.

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I absolutely loved the TI 99/4A. Wished I never sold it.

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