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Only ever seen one of these in the wild, my next door neighbour upgraded to it from his BBC Micro.

I said in the Acorn camp a bit longer and upgraded to an Archimedes.

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At least in Germany, Atari kept selling the 1040FM (at a lower price) after the STE came out.

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That is not just a 1040ST, it's a 1040STF denoting the built in floppy drive. There is no M for modulator for TV output so it requires a colour or monochrome monitor for output, and is basically a business model. Many were sold to the music industry due to the built in midi ports.

The biggest problem still, is reliably upgrading the ST memory to 4MB for these original 520ST/F/M and 1040ST/F/M models. In contrast the 520/1040STE models just need 4x 1MB 30 pin SIMMS installed into the existing SIMM sockets for maxed out ST memory in the machine.

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