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Hey Paul,

great article.

I picked up my first Portfolio in `22. Also came to the conclusion that it is kind of hard to access it with a modern computer (in my case a Mac). After some searching I found that there is a command line tool for Linux. Thus, I created a PCB for the Pi and write some Norton Commander like software for it:


This allows you to copy data back and forth.

You also mention the Power Basic. I was able to buy a Power Basic Card a while ago. I wanted to see if could create stand-alone executables. Short answer is no.

I have some written notes on the Portfolio in general, and Power Basic in particular:


If you are interested in other basic variants or programing languages for the Portfolio check this out:


(in Geman, though)


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What a dream!

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Sounds similar to my Poqet computer.

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I picked up a Portfolio some years ago as part of the deal when buying a CT2 Falcon. It's been sitting on a shelf for many years because I also haven't thought of a compelling use for it given the volatility of storage... In contrast I still have floppies for my Atari ST from the 1990s that work fine. The Portfolio is indeed a cool looking device though. The Terminator 2 ATM hacking scene was exactly what flashed into my mind when I picked it up.

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