One of the few Atari ST cartridges
With Pascal, Fortran and Lisp solutions
One of the earliest Pascal programs I made available was something called ReadText. This was a TTP (TOS Takes Parameters) command-line program that…
Back in 1986, a resurgent Atari was just hitting its stride. The 520ST was a hit and selling well. Rather than rest on their laurels (something they…
A while ago I posted a picture of the stuff on my retro shelves in the basement and asked people if they saw anything they’d like me to write about. A…
A great magazine from the creators of ANALOG Computing.
A few years ago there was a Kickstarter for retro computer playing cards. I didn’t know about it at the time, but I did see that the extra packs were…
Use PC keyboard and mouse with a Mega ST/STE/TT
38,972 Atari customers
STalky, written in Heat-and-Serve C
More than BASIC
I programmed my Atari ST using a variety of languages back in the day, including GFA BASIC and C (with various compilers), but I preferred Pascal. The…